May 29, 2007

The first casualty of cycling is the truth…

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operacanovablue.jpgWelcome to confession season in the colourful world of professional cycling.  The list of big names that have finally remembered what they did in the mid-90s continues to grow. “Oh I see the confusion.  You were asking me about E.P.O. and I was talking about the band E.L.O.  No, I definitely took to E.P.O.” 

The bratwurst-loving crew down Oktoberfest-Mobile including sprinter extraordinaire Eric Zabel are the latest in a string of outings.  Apart from the now ubiquitous apology, what really concerned me about Eric’s commentary was his suggestion that in the mid-90s drug testing was sporadic at best…and that nothing had really changed since…

The pharmaceutical industry needs professional cycling like Halliburton needs the US to continue to stay at war, wherever.  What cycling lacks in credibility it more than makes up for in creativity.  Consider just these two:

  • Three time Tour De france winner Greg LeMond’s efforts to convince Floyd Landis (potentially the 2006 Tour winner) to come clean by confessing that he himself was abused as a child.  Greg LeMond will obviously always be better known for winning the 87 Tour de France by the smallest winning margin ever rather than his grasp of psychology.
  • Tyler Hamilton using the excuse that the unusual level of testosterone in his system was a result of his biological twin being absorbed into his body while still in utero.  According to one reputable site, Tyler’s defence trump card rested on arguing that a cursed tiki charm caused the false positive tests to surface.  Indeed, they tried to show that it was the exact same tiki charm shown in The Brady Bunch, episodes 73 – 75 that caused Greg to wipe out on his surfboard and nearly drown, Peter to be attacked by a very scary spider, and many other dangerous – yet entertaining – incidents.


  1. is this for real, the Tyler hamilton thing? it’s pretty funny.
    is eric zabel a drug cheat? i quite liked him in the movie we saw about him. shame………..

    Comment by my2020 — May 30, 2007 @ 1:49 am | Reply

  2. Why don’t you check The Tyler Hamilton Fundation’s IRS form 990 from 2004. Check out how much money they brought in that went to expenses and salaries verse how much was


    2004 Form 990

    People may want to donate direct to MS

    income 334336

    expense 368478

    comp 113

    donated 43K

    Comment by Erik — May 30, 2007 @ 4:17 am | Reply

  3. Good work. I suppose a good defence doesn’t work pro bono. Hopefully your finding doesn’t extend to the likes of LiveStrong?….

    Comment by my2020 — June 3, 2007 @ 9:43 am | Reply

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